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By Press release

Impaakt raises close to 8 million USD in latest fundraising round, ushering in a new era of impact measurement and business transformation

Geneva, September 2023 – Impaakt is thrilled to announce its latest successful fundraising round, securing close to 8 million USD. This injection of money represents a renewed vote of confidence in Impaakt's mission to redefine impact measurement and empower business decision-makers with robust impact data and insights. Impaakt benefitted from the advice and expertise of Raphaël Financial Advisory and Fongit throughout the fundraising process.
Traditional sustainability reporting and metrics have been the cornerstone of evaluating businesses. However, Impaakt believes it's time to evolve beyond the conventional opaque approach and embrace collaborative impact measurement. With a relentless dedication to driving accelerated adoption among business leaders and financial institutions, Impaakt is spearheading a paradigm shift, where impact data takes center stage.

Since its inception in 2018, Impaakt has amassed well over 1 million collective environmental and social assessments, creating impact scores for over 5,000 companies. This achievement is a testament to Impaakt's innovative approach and its ability to captivate clients seeking novel solutions for a more sustainable future.

Building upon this momentum, Impaakt plans to leverage the funds as the catalyst for accelerated growth and sales, amplifying market reach and strategic alliances. 
Simultaneously, funds will continue to focus on the heart of Impaakt, its community. Finally, Impaakt continues to drive innovation, directing a portion of the capital towards new services catered to individual investors. This new runway embodies more than just a transformation of the sustainable finance landscape; it captures Impaakt's determined dedication to empowerment, collaboration, and a transformative financial future for all stakeholders.
What sets Impaakt apart is its unwavering focus on assessing the true environmental and social impacts of businesses through a collaborative approach. Going forward, Impaakt will be addressing another pressing issue: the individual investors who are not given the right to decide how their sustainability convictions are reflected in the products sold by their banks.
The new approach will continue to drive change by giving the power back to the people, democratizing access to bespoke sustainability. With our enhanced platform, every member can calculate their own portfolio impact scores and select investment products that fully align with their values. Impact shouldn't be a “one-size fits all” solution for investors, but rather integrate every end-investor’s sustainability preferences.
“At Impaakt, we're driven by a vision where every individual holds the power to shape a better world. Just as solving the sustainability problem is crucial, ensuring that these tools and knowledge reach everyone is paramount. Let's transcend barriers and provide all with the personalized tools to ignite positive change and pave the way for a brighter future." - Bertrand Gacon, CEO & Co-Founder of Impaakt
About Impaakt
Impaakt is a fintech company that uses collective intelligence and AI to measure the real impact companies have on the environment and society. Impaakt has built and brought together a community of 50,000+ contributors who collectively document, verify, analyse, and assess the positive and negative impact that businesses have on the planet and society. Through our unbiased approach, the platform is designed to help investors and citizens avoid greenwashing. It tackles many of the problems that existing data and reporting tools have been called out for by providing robust, simple, transparent, and opposable impact research. Our data is utilized by the financial industry and corporates to ensure better decisions are made, for a more sustainable and inclusive future.